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Bentley’s generous legacy gift donors have thoughtfully expressed their values, dreams and hopes for the future by going through the gift planning process, and we greatly appreciate all of them. The donors on this page have graciously allowed us to share their stories. Some stories describe completed legacy gifts, and you will see the powerful impact they had on grateful Bentley students.

Education is the Greatest Gift: Edward M. Secher ’70 

Ed Secher ’70 updated his estate plans to support Bentley students, because, he says: “With a scholarship, they won’t have to struggle so much. They can use their education to fully develop their talents and enjoy life.”  Read More »

Grateful for Education and Opportunities: Craig Stevens ’84 

In the late 1970s, Craig Stevens ’84 decided he wanted to “get into computers.” But, he confesses, “I really didn’t know what that meant.”  Read More »

A Family Legacy, Lifelong Friends, and a Successful Career: Jeffrey A. Anderson ’88 

When Jeff Anderson ’88 headed to Bentley from Glastonbury, Conn., he knew that he wanted to earn a business degree just like his dad, Wayne Anderson ’57. Read More »

Paving the Path: Robert W. Wright ’68, MSF ’82 

Born in Canada and raised in Boston, Rob Wright ’68, MSF ’82 learned Bentley would be right for him after a high school teacher made the recommendation. Read More »

Partners in Life and Philanthropy: Beverly J. Myers

Bev Myers shared a lot with her husband, Herb: 60 years of marriage, raising a son and a daughter, a love of golf and an abiding concern for shelter animals that others found unadoptable. Read More »

Cherishing Bentley like Family: Lucia Meunier and Mark Moskowitz-Diaz ’17

Lucia Meunier’s fondness for Bentley took on a new dimension after her husband, Leo V. Meunier ’27, passed away. As she created gift annuities to provide income for herself, she came to know the Bentley community well, cherishing it like family. Read More »

Fulfilling a Longtime Dream: Robert G. Ripley, Jr. ’80

Bob Ripley credits Bentley with opening doors to his first job, which turned out to be at Shawmut Bank. Read More »

A Legacy for Learning: Mary Jean Agostini ’86

After Mary Jean (MJ) Agostini ’86 graduated from Bentley, she continued her education — in the classroom, earning an MBA at the University of Hartford, and on a river. Read More »

Setting Sights Toward the Horizon: William S. McLaughlin ’59

“I like helping students,” said William S. McLaughlin ’59 a few years before his passing, “because I know how difficult getting an education can be.” Read More »

Always Looking Ahead: Beryl Bunker ’58 and Allison Concra ’16

Beryl Bunker ’58, whose financial management expertise and polished personal skills elevated her to the rank of senior vice president at John Hancock, broke through glass ceilings — and always looked ahead, just like Allison Concra ’16 did during her time at Bentley. Read More »

Helping Others with Time, Talent and Treasure: Andrew E. ’55 and June J. Lemery

Lifelong residents of Glens Falls, N.Y., Andy and June Lemery appreciate the value of community. Read More »

Supporting Bentley is Second Nature: Kurt M. Heinrich ’87

It’s second nature for Kurt Heinrich to be actively involved with Bentley. As a student leader, he influenced campus life as both concert chair and president of the Campus Activity Board. Read More »

Giving and Receiving: William B. Singer ’52

Bill Singer ’52 is proud to be a Bentley alumnus, noting that “Bentley is where it all started for me, and I have always been grateful for what I learned there.” Read More »

Helping Students Build Their Futures: Joanne Hofmann Sexeny ’73

Business will always be in business. That’s what Joanne Hofmann Sexeny ’73 told herself when she considered transferring from UMass Boston to Bentley. Read More »

Staying Connected to Bentley: Mark A. ’85 and Victoria V. ’86 Semanie

For Mark and Vicki (Vassalotti) Semanie, staying connected with Bentley has always felt right. Read More »

Inspiring a Family Legacy: Douglas J. Bailey ’40

Like many young men of his generation, Douglas J. Bailey ’40 was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1941. Read More »