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There’s no better way to honor Bentley than by giving back, together

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Gifts That Generate Income

Many of Bentley’s alumni and friends are interested to learn they can make gifts that generate income for themselves or others. Bentley offers gift plans that “give back” secure, either fixed income or variable income. This cash flow can be used to supplement retirement or other sources of income and can be directed to the donor and/or family or friends. When the cash flow ends, the remaining amount passes to Bentley to be used in an area of interest meaningful to the donor. Choose the type and timing of your income goal below and personalize your scenario.   

Create Fixed Income Now »

If you would like to create a reliable, predictable cash flow now – perhaps for your retirement or to help support your parents or other loved ones – there are two ways to do that by making a gift of cash or securities to Bentley. The simpler structure is known as an immediate-payment gift annuity. If you reside in a state where these are not offered, you may wish to create a charitable remainder annuity trust.

Create Fixed Income Later »

Perhaps you’d like to create reliable, predictable cash flow at some point in the future, maybe for your retirement or to help out with others’ living expenses. If so, you can give cash or securities to Bentley to create a deferred-payment charitable gift annuity.

Create Variable Income Now »

If you are thinking about ways to create cash flow now that has the potential to grow over time – say to supplement your lifestyle or those of your loved ones – consider giving cash, securities or real estate to Bentley in a charitable remainder unitrust gift arrangement.