How You Can Give

Gifts That Generate Income »

Many of Bentley’s alumni and friends are interested to learn they can make a tax-smart gift to Bentley that generates income for themselves or others for a certain number of years or for life. This cash flow can be used to supplement retirement or other sources of income.


Gifts Through Your Estate »

A charitable gift from your estate allows you to plan for future philanthropy to Bentley while preserving your current financial situation. By making an estate gift plan, you may find that you can achieve your philanthropic goals in ways that may not be possible during your lifetime.


Donor-Advised Fund Gifts »

The donor-advised fund (DAF) has become an increasingly popular way to make a charitable gift. DAFs provide immediate tax benefits along with a centralized way to manage current and future charitable giving. Many Bentley donors have established their own donor-advised fund accounts at community foundations, public charities with a DAF program or investment companies that sponsor DAFs.


Additional Gift Opportunities »

These creative, tax-advantaged ways to make gifts include providing substantial annual gifts to Bentley for a certain length of time, after which the underlying principal goes back to you or to your heirs; giving your home to Bentley while retaining use of it for the rest of your life; and, selling a valuable asset to Bentley for a reduced price, gaining a lump sum.


Explore Your Gift Options »

As you consider the right gift for you, it’s vital to think about issues like timing, maximizing tax benefits, producing income, and preserving assets for your heirs. Use our simple tool to help you explore your options with just a few questions.


Compare Gifts »

If you have a few different goals or are thinking about a few different gift types, use our simple interactive chart to compare them. Choose up to three goals and gift types to view their characteristics side-by-side.