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Supporting Bentley is Second Nature: Kurt M. Heinrich ’87


It’s second nature for Kurt Heinrich to be actively involved with Bentley.

As a student leader, he influenced campus life as both concert chair and president of the Campus Activity Board. Twenty-eight years later, his commitment endures through support of an annual student leadership conference, volunteering for alumni programs, and membership in the Bentley Executive Club. “The great experiences I had at Bentley helped shape the course of my life. I like to stay involved with Bentley as much as I can, not just once, but continually. Seeing the evolution of students to alumni helps me understand just how important it is to support Bentley financially,” explains Kurt.

In addition to championing the annual leadership conference, he stands firmly behind the Annual Fund. “Once I started, I just kept giving each year, increasing over time. I do everything I can to maximize my support of Bentley, from corporate matching gifts to using the monthly payment plan option.”

The oldest of three siblings from Manchester, Connecticut, Kurt knew he wanted a career in business; Bentley helped him focus his career, and he is currently vice president and profitability manager at Cambridge Savings Bank.

When Kurt updated his will in 2001, he saw it as a perfect time to include a bequest to his alma mater. “It’s an unrestricted gift for Bentley to use as they see fit when the time comes. In the meantime, I intend to continue to support Bentley every year and stay as involved as I can. It’s important to Bentley, and it’s important to me.”