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There’s no better way to honor Bentley than by giving back, together

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Staying Connected to Bentley: Mark A. ’85 and Victoria V. ’86 Semanie


For Mark and Vicki (Vassalotti) Semanie, staying connected with Bentley has always felt right. The pair, who dated all through college, consider their history with Bentley an important part of their bond with one another. Giving back to the school is a way to honor that shared experience from a distance; the couple have made their home in Maryland since 1991.

“We’ve been lucky to be able to do more and more over the years,” says Mark. “But even from the beginning we donated regularly.”

In recent years the Semanies have expanded their involvement on several fronts. Vicki serves as chairperson of the Global Alumni Board, and joins Mark as a key member of the Mid-Atlantic chapter of the university’s re-launched Alumni Association. These new roles further inspired them to raise their level of giving, by including Bentley in their wills and by increasing their consistent support for the Annual Fund.

“We believe that the money we earn is not really ours to keep,” says Vicki. “We’ve been given these gifts and talent, and we want to use them to benefit others.”

By adding Bentley to their estate plans, the Semanies help the students of today while providing much-needed assistance to future generations. They are similarly committed to young alumni. For example, Vicki recently hired a Class of 2007 graduate at Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, where she is chief financial officer.

“Bentley played a huge part in our success, and we’re grateful for all the school has done for us,” adds Mark, who serves as executive vice president and chief operating officer at Old Line Bank. “We’re happy to continue to return the favor.”